How come martyred inspector of police of Syna Police Station, Subodh Kumar Singh and his colleagues became sitting ducks to a rampaging mob is a question that the police department needs to ask as much as anyone else. The main suspect is a Bajrang Dal leader besides several others named by the police that also has formed an SIT to probe the unfortunate incident. A youth Sumit also lost his life to a bullet injury. Four people have been held so far.

But what is baffling is that despite the administrative machinery on high alert due to one of the biggest congregation of Muslims in Bulandshahar the intelligence arm of the police was found to be wanting as it seems. The immediate trigger that caused this violence appeared to be the findings by the villagers and assailants of carcasses of cows and calves that were allegedly lying around in bushes and fields. After all who could have done this on this scale points to some mischief.

Subodh Kumar Singh was also the first cop to have probed the Akhlaq murder and this is also a strong angle that will be probed now.

It is also puzzling why the alleged right-wing groups did not choose to go the public representatives or the DM to report the alleged cattle slaughter but instead resorted to violence. Notably, the slain inspector’s personal revolver and his cell are found to be missing that also is baffling.

The only thing clear that is the complete breakdown of law & order, an example of which was seen in Bulandshahar. To salvage its image now, the police and the administration must come out with the whole truth behind this unfortunate turn of events that claimed 2 lives. reporter


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