Faridabad was host to Sankalp Jaagrookta Rally organised in support of the call made by Vishwa Hindu Parishad for hosting Dharm Sabha at New Delhi on December 9. The objective of rally was also to create awareness for building of temple at Ayodhya. The rally was a bike rally that passed through all the important areas of Faridabad. Thousands of youth from the city participated in the rally chanting “Jai Shree Ram”. The bike rally passed through not only the urban areas but also some of the villages. The participants in the rally motivated people to participate in large numbers, in the Dharm Sabha on 9th December at Ramleela Maidan Delhi.

Starting from Sector-3, Ballabgarh, the bikers drove through major areas of the city. Another rally started from Village Mawai and ended at Village Dadasia after passing through village Wazirpur, Palwali, Badshahpur, Kherikalan, Tikawali, Riwazpur, Deha, Bhopani, Mahavatpur, Mauzabad, Bhaskaula, Lalpur, Kidawali, Sherpur and Dhadhar.

Organisers expressed their satisfaction on the successful completion of the rally. Organisations supporting construction of Shri Ram in Ayodhya are making all effort to ensure maximum attendance of the devotees at the Dharm Sabha. Such rallies and meetings are being organised at other parts of the country too.


Sanjay Chaturvedi, delhincrnews.in reporter



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