Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) held its board meeting on Nov 30 in which 37 infra proposals were given the nod. Primarily amongst them is proposal for building a transport city, the proposal for which will be sent to the state government. The transport city will be constructed on a public-private-partnership or PPP mode where the GDA will not have to spend any money. It will be built on 50 acres. It is aimed to decongest the city by giving space to trucks to be parked there.

Besides, a proposal for installation of hi-tech cameras on 34 important intersections of the city was also given the go ahead.

One of major proposals to have seen the light of the day is that construction of flats can only be done under the 2016 building byelaws where the flat owners will have to keep a setback area.

A proposal for 2 banquet halls at Raj Nagar extension will be given the go ahead.

Meerut Divisional Commissioner Anita C Meshram presided over the meeting. reporter



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