Sant Kabir Nagar Police cracked a double murder case in which a father-son duo were found murdered with other bodies found at considerable distance with each other to mislead the investigations. In this regard 5 persons including a woman were rounded up. The accused are namely Nagendra, Motilal, Nand Kishor alias Chattu, Pramod (Nagendra’s son) and Prema Choudhary, the main instigator.

On Nov. 27 a bike was found lying at Dandwa Nahar stretch. Alongside was found a dead body lying face down. The body was identified by a person Shailendra Pandey as that of his brother Jaynendra Pandey, a resident of village Bansgaon, Khalilabad area. Meanwhile, the police also found another body that appeared to be be a case of accidental death near Budha Mod on the highway. The deceased was Omprakash Pandey father of Shailendra Pandey who identified the body as that of his father. Thus it came out that father & son were killed in cold blood and their bodies were disposed of in a gruesome manner.

SP Akash Tomar had immediately instructed the police temas to crack the double murder. One of the accused Nagendra told the police that Omprakash Pandey was against their family and had previously was involved in an incident where a government road was made to pass from the accused persons’ land that had irked them. Pandey always stood up against their family over petty issues the accused revealed. Nagendra said that about 4 months’ back his son Balkishan had died in a road accident on the highway that was passd of as road accident and we also believed that. But afterwards we came to know that Omprakash Pandey and his family were behind killing their son and passing of the murder as an accident. They took help from Prema Choudhary who had also fought elections in the village and was also opposed to Pandey.
The accused Nagendra further said: “On Nov. 26 during night, Omprakash Pandey and his son had come to a party at their neighbour Nandlal’s house and were abusing the accused’s family after getting drunk. Prema Choudhary suggested them to kill Pandey and his son while they were going back from the party and to end this insult once and for all. When the father son duo were returning in their bile around 1 late-night, the accused Nagendra, his son and other accomplices surrounded Pandey and as he tried to fight back killed him and his son.
However, the police through surveillance and connecting the dots reached the accused and nabbed them in 48 hours. They team has been recommended for cash reward.
By Staff Reporter


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