SSP Upendra Kumar Agrawal presided over a meeting of all SPs, COs and SHOs at Police Lines to take stock of law & order situation. In the meeting SSP asked all present to do a physical verification of all convicts involved in loot/ dacoity who have been released from jail. If they were found to be involved in criminal activities then strict action should be taken against them.

All sub inspectors (SIs) posted at police station level should be assigned beats and should be further held accountable for any mishappening in the beats or areas assigned to them.

The SSP also asked subordinates to take preventive action against chain snatchers and such criminal by invoking Gangsters Act against them. He also instructed that policemen in plainclothes should patrol during the night to nab petty criminals.

He also asked that routes of PRVs should be reassigned to them. Agrawal also asked the police officials to take effective action against land mafias. Besides, he asked that all CCTVs at police stations should be repaired at the earliest.

SSP Agrawal asked the police officials to ensure that PRV staff should not be found sitting inside the vehicles but should be actively checking for suspects. To streamline traffic he passed necessary instructions to the concerned staff.

The SSP also instructed the policemen to have proper discourse with the public, public representatives and journalists. reporter





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