After making sudden a visit to Indirapuram Police Station SSP Upendra Kumar Agrawal again was on a sudden visit to Sahibabad and Link Road Thanas where he found several lacunae in the performance of day to day tasks.

Taking stock of official work at Sahibabad Thana he found that several public complaints were pending upon which he directed the SHO to dispense them in a time-bound and qualitative manner. As in Indirapuram, he found that seized vehicles were kept in a disorderly fashion and he reprimanded the staff for that also asking them to dispose of the vehicles phase-wise.

He also found that the beat book was not being kept updated and found the work of a few constables unsatisfactory who were asked to give an explanation. He asked the SHO and Thana staff to fall in line or else face consequences.

Next SSP visited Link Road PS where again he found that out of 330 complaints received only 85 were disposed of. Upon this he asked the SHO to take action on such complaints soon as well also put a lid on crimes such as chain snatchings, mobile & wallet snatchings etc. He further asked the SHO to fix the responsibility of each SI in the police station. reporter


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