This is a tale of horror that nobody is wanting to believe. What has come to light is that the Gurugram serial rapist cum killer who had admitted to raping and then killing 9 small girls feels no remorse for his ghastly sins. The 20-yr-old Sunil was being trailed by the Gurugram Police after the gruesome rape cum murder of a 3-yr-old girl in which he was the prime suspect. The police finally arrested him and as he spilled the beans came out the horrific trail of rapes and murders. The police is now on the lookout for other such crimes that he might have committed.

There, was a pattern in the way he targeted his victims. They were all daughters of migrant labourers who did not have a permanent abode. As the mother and father both were out for work, Sunil took advantage of this fact to prey on such vulnerable kids.

Photo for representational purpose only reporter


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