In a shocker of an crime, a 6-yr-old kid Adarsh Paswan was conspired to get killed by his own mother after he saw her mother in an objectionable position with a relative of hers, it was revealed by SP Akash Tomar. The kid’s body was found on Nov. 11 near a river. A postmortem revealed that he had been strangulated. Dhanghata Police Station Incharge took up the case. It came to light that the deceased’s father Rajeev was off at Mumbai to work and he used to suspect his wife of infidelity. Rajeev’s sister was married to one Rakesh Paswan who used to sell ayurvedic medicines in a shop while living with his in-laws. The police found out that the deceased Adarsh was last seen at the shop however Rakesh kept denying such claims. Meanwhile Kavita, the deceased’s mother said that she suspected Rakesh’s kin to be behind the death of his child.
As the police interrogated the duo it became clearer that they were hiding something. finally, they broke down and disclosed that they both (Rakesh and savita) had were physically in a relationship while Rajeev was away at Mumbai. After Adarsh saw his mother with Rakesh in an objectionable manner, Kavita feared that he would spill the beans and this led the duo to plan his murder. On the fateful day Rakesh took Adarsh on his bike but Kavita called him back saying that people had seen him and this might raise suspicion. Thereafter, Kavita asked a neighbour, another kid Rajesh, to take Adarsh along with him on his cycle and drop him at his uncle’s (Rakesh) shop. Rakesh then tool along Adarsh with him to Pachra village and stangulated him and then returned. He and Kavita staged a drama about Adarsh having gone missing and Rakesh showed that he had found the child’s body by himself. However, the police cracked the case and arrested both.
One bike used in crime and 3 mobile sets were seized from the accused Rakesh. SP Akash Tomar declared a prize money of Rs 25,000 for the police team for cracking the case. The team comprised Dhangahta Thana incharge, Santosh Tiwari, SI Naseebuddin, SI Dayanath Ram, constables Mithilesh Mishra and Chandrakesh Yadav.
By Staff Reporter


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