Ghaziabad: Ganga water supply in Vasundhara Zone likely after Diwali

General Manager, Water Works, Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN), Shailendra Pathak said that GNN will get Ganga water supply on evening of November 7

Ganga water supply to lakhs of residents of Vasundhara Zone—suspended from Haridwar for a month now—will be made available only after Diwali if things stand out as they are now.

As Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) that is responsible for distributing Ganga water to residents of Vasundhara Zone, will get Ganga water supply only from the evening of Nov. 7 or Diwali, it might not be possible for the GNN to supply water from this day itself. This could mean that the supply in all possibility will be restored only from the next day or Nov 8 onwards.

General Manager, Water Works Department, GNN, Shailendra Pathak told that the Ganga water supply to the Nigam will be made available on Nov 7 evening.

Executive Engineer, Water Works, Anand Tripathi said that the Upper Ganga Canal from Haridwar is likely to open tomorrow night which means that the Pratap Vihar Plant will receive supply only on Nov 7. The water needs to be treated ahead of supply by the GNN, he added. reporter