Vans, the original action sports and apparel brand to enable creative self-expression, hosts the 2018 Vans Asia Custom Culture competition to inspire every creative idea and original artwork that comes from individuals. With over 14,000 submissions gathered across Asia-Pacific regions, the competition has come to the third phase this month.

After two rounds of voting and judging, Vans is excited to announce the top Vans Slip-On designs from each participating region. Congratulations to all market winners who will be going to House of Vans Guangzhou and create another pair of Slip-On for the final showdown. While their designs will be displayed on for voting and judging, the final winner will be announced in October with an opportunity to have the design produced and available on shelf in 2019.

“I have seen several overwhelming masterpieces, and it was the hardest decision to make for the judging part. There also some true talents from other markets, such as the indigenous ethnic totem style from Indonesia and the avant-garde art styles of the Japanese which impressed me the most!” said Panda Mei, Chinese artist and judge of the 2018 Vans Asia Custom Culture competition.


San Shui Fan, China

Formumu, Korea

Ella, Hong Kong

Ian Haien, Singapore

Goldenhnd, Malaysia

Melroy Williams, India

Nikko Pelaez, Philippines

Jenny, Australia

Pharkphoom Charonepanich, Thailand

Fura26, Indonesia

Masa, Japan


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