After Ghaziabad Police busted a human trafficking ring wherein 28 girls from Nepal were illegally kept in 2 Indirapuram flats on October 22, a call received on phone of Indirapuram SHO Nazir Ali Khan led to further recovery of girls from House No 23 at Gyan Khand, Indirapuram and also arrested 3 accused. This information was shared by SSP Vaibhav Krishna.


After police led by ASP Ravi Kumar and the SHO raided the residence 7 women from Nepal and 2 boys were found. It came to light that out of the 5 accused who had been arrested by Indirapuram cops, 2 namely Kedarnath and Romeo had lured these girls with job offers in gulf countries. It became clear that a total of 37 women (2 from Delhi) and 2 males had to be sent on tourist visas to different gulf nations. Several documents like passports etc were also seized. The Nepalese embassy is being informed too about the whole incident. reporter


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