Sant Kabir Nagar Police busted an illegal cracker and fireworks’ godown and arrested a person with huge cache of crackers being kept for sale in festive season illegally. The accused Manish Kumar Agrahari had kept this illegal consignment in the landlord’s house. He was arrested from near Kuber Nath Temple. Crackers worth Rs 1.5 lakh plus were recovered. Some of the fireworks seized are: Brand Charkhi: 190 pieces; Chatai; 200 pieces; Special Chakra 270 pieces; Mini Deluxe Bullet 400 pieces; Super Deluxe Chakkar 100 pieces and so on.
The accused revealed that he had purchased this cache from dealers in Lucknow and Kanpur at a cheaper rate. He does not have any license for purchase, hording and sale of these crackers.
The accused was arrested by a team comprising Pradeep Kumar Singh, Incharge Swat Team Alpha, SO Mehndawal PS Gaurav Singh and other cops.
By Staff Reporter


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