To streamline functioning of Traffic Police SSP Vaibhav Krishna had structured the Traffic Police Department into two wings: first part is regulation while the second part is enforcement. Cops have been deployed to undertake these 2 important duties. According to the SSP especially with regard to the enforcement part 15 fighter mobiles comprising one vehicle with a driver, 3 traffic constables, 2 traffic homeguards and one traffic SI. The duties will be changed from time to time.

Ten fighter mobiles squad will man the urban areas while 5 will be deployed in rural areas. The duty of these fighter mobiles will be mostly checking the traffic violations and in managing the smooth flow of traffic strictly.

-The 15 points where fighter mobiles squad will be stationed:

ABS to Delhi road at Dundaheda; from RKGIT U-turn towards Meerut on Meerut Road; Raj Nagar Extension; Passport Office/in front of Ingraham School; CISF Cut/ Model Town; UP Gate; Maharajpur Chowki (Delhi border); NIB (to & fro Delhi road); towards road to Vasundhara at Mohan Nagar; Duhai; Loni T-point; towards Mussorie at Dasna Bridge; near Gang Nahar Police Chowki; and, Rajpopla Saunda Cut, Modinagar.




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