A company Luxury Reloaded has teamed up with Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) to turn plastic waste into beautiful sculptures and statues that will be placed at main intersections and points of the city under GNN area. On Monday such a figure of Mahatma Gandhi’s spectacles and a table was placed at GNN headquarters in presence of Municipal Commissioner, Chandra Prakash Singh and artists from the company under Swachh Bharat theme. The figures have been made out of plastic and sand sourced from Kachh area in Gujarat.

The artists gave a detailed presentation to Municipal Commissioner and other officials about the method used in making such as figure. Chandra Prakash Singh said that this innovative use of plastic waste will have a two-pronged use: one disposal of plastic waste and the second beautification of the city. He said that figures thus sculpted by the artists will be placed at several locations as well as the entry points of the city. These sculptures/ figures will be based on several themes such as Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, Swachhata themes and so on.

SBM Incharge, Arun Kumar Mishra said that Ghaziabad has competed with other cities in Swachhata race and improved its rankings and hence such methods are being adopted by GNN that would not only help in recycling waste but also its proper disposal. He also added that the GNN is committed toward making the city  No 1 in Swachhata rankings.

Sakshi Jha of the company elaborated that her accomplices Sarfaraz Ali and other 2 aides had created the table and Gandhiji’s spectacles based on Swachhata theme after gruelling hard work of 1.5 months. The artists informed that in the coming months more such figures, statues etc would be created on 20 different themes that would be place across the city.


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