SP Sant Kabir Nagar, Akash Tomar presided over a crime meeting and a congregation of policemen (Sainik Sammelan) in the district. Firstly, the SP listened to the problems face by the cops on duty and gave necessary instructions for their redressal.  Thereafter, crime control measures in the wake of festivals like Durga Puja, Dusshera ahead were discussed. All police station incharges were told to get prepared a list of S-10 and organise peace committee meetings in villages with at least 10 identified persons and to also note down their mobile numbers so that their help can be sought if any untoward incident happens.
The SP also passed instructions to redress grievances promptly within the circulated format. The SP said that all personnel on leave on health grounds should be asked to give details of their health and for this a medical board should be formed and action should be taken against these cops who have provided wrong information about their health.
The SP also asked all top officials including COs and SOs to focus on cyber crime, ATM fraud and such crimes and for this to also undertake awareness drives in rural and urban areas.
Information on wanted criminals and those with rewards on their heads was also sought at the meeting. He asked the cops to form teams and arrest such criminals. He also asked the police to identify accident prone spots and to put up radium boards and proper signages over there.
By Staff Reporter


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