Residents of Vasundhara who were facing an acute water crisis got some respite today after water supply to Sector 17, one of the worst affected sectors and others were restored to a considerable extent in the morning hours. This came about after Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) official especially JE Somendra Pratap Singh took effective steps to ease the situation. He told in the morning that the water supply mechanism was being streamlined in the last 2-3 days and now the residents of Sector 17 will get their full quota of one-time supply during morning hours, till Ganga water supply is suspended.

However, some residents of Sector 17 said that as the pressure of water is low only those residents who have motors installed can get their overhead tanks filled up.

The residents of the area are also furious that many Parshads of Vasundhara and Vaishali are also missing at this crucial juncture and rather than taking up the matter with the Nigam they had chosen to remain in the background.

Earlier, several residents of Vaishali Sector 1 who have formed a WhatsApp group have forwarded pictures of women standing together with empty buckets or ‘baltis in their hands protesting against the GNN. However according to Somendra Pratap Singh the supply to Vaishali Sector 1 had also been smoothened. reporter







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