Ghaziabad Police have arrested 2 persons, accused of gruesome incident of kidnapping, rape and murder of a 7-yr-old girl of the same community they belonged to—that rattled the residents of Muradnagar and the whole NCR. The poor girl was allegedly subjected to much sexual exploitation before she was murdered. The girl’s body was found from the roof of a mosque last Sunday. Revealing this, SSP Ghaziabad Vaibhav Krishna said that on the fateful day the girl was sitting outside one Izhar’s house having a pack of chips when she was lured by the accused Sheebu who took him inside the house in another accused Muzib’s room where both the accused Sheebu and Muzib first raped her and then strangled her to death with a cloth rope. They stuffed the body into a sack and after darkness put it on the roof of their house from where they again dumped it into the adjacent mosque whose roof was aligned with theirs. The duo were absconding since then till they were arrested by a police team within 72 hrs.

The girl’s parents had earlier filed a case against 4 persons namely Izhar Ali, Hazi Aijaj, Hazi Naushad and Hazi Afzal whom they had suspected of kidnapping and harming the girl after she was found missing. reporter




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