The mysterious murder of one Navin Das who was found dead on intervening night of October 4/5 after getting burnt inside his Maruti Brezza car at Teela Mod-Bhopura Road. The car that was found engulfed in flames was attended to by fire personnel who after dousing the flames found Das dead inside his car. The police had a herculean task at hand as the body had charred beyond recognition and reduced to a skeleton. However, after comprehensive analysis the police managed to establish the identity of the deceased person and found that he as a resident of Indrapuri in Delhi after which his family was contacted.

This was revealed today by SSP Vaibhav Krishna to the press. With surveillance and investigation the dots were connected and the Sahibabad police arrested 3 accused who had firstly kidnapped the accused, looted him and then sprinkled petrol on his car and burnt him alive.  It was found out that the deceased allegedly had homosexual relations with one of the accused Taiyyab. The deceased was putting pressure on Taiyyab to become his live-in partner and on Taiyyab’s reluctance threatened to reveal about the relationship to the society. Taiyyab belonged to a poor background while the deceaed was a rich man. Coercive tactics used by deceased led Taiyyab to hatch the murder of Navin Das for which he convinced his brothers Samar Khan and Talib to be partners in crime.

According to the plan, Taiyyab called up Navin Das to Loni and when he reached there he was offered sweets laced with sleeping pills after which Das lost consciousness. The accused then robbed Das of his Apple i phone and other valuables and later on transacted Rs 7 lakh from the deceased’s account to his account. The accused then pulled out the number plate of the car and laid his unconscious body onto the car seat and burnt him alive.

The police also recovered part sum of Rs 4.85 lakh out of the looted amount from the accused. reporter






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