Ganga water supply—the lifeline of trans-Hindon areas of Vaishali, Vasundhara, Indirapuram, Kaushambi, among other colonies—will not be available from midnight of Monday, said XEN Water Works, Anand Tripathi. He also said that due to backlog of Ganga water at Pratap Vihar plant through Upper Ganga Canal (Gang Nahar) the water supply would be available till morning of October 10th (Wednesday), after which the GNN will supply water from its own sources- mainly tubewells.

Earlier, JE Vasundhara Zone, Somendra Pratap Singh had confirmed the same to He also said that effort is to supply water for at least 2 hrs a day.

According to Tripathi it would be difficult to supply water twice in a day due to problem of water pressure. He also said that the GNN is starting a control room to redress complaints regarding inadequate water supply or no supply.

Every year Ganga water supply that comes through the Upper Ganga Canal is stopped from Haridwar itself for cleaning of the canal from Dusshera up to Diwali but now this time has been prolonging every year and now the supply stands snapped before Dusshera since the last several years. reporter


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