SPN Singh, Superintending Engineer (SE), UP Avas Vikas, Meerut has also been given additional charge as SE of Ghaziabad following the recent superannuation of KA Singhal, erstwhile SE. Singh told delhincrnews.in that his priority will be to streamline the functioning of the department and to take effective steps against illegal constructions.

According to Singh, the problem of illegal constructions is not a local phenomenon limited to Ghaziabad only. When asked what steps he will take against illegal multiple flats being built on ‘single unit plots’ he said that Avas Vikas will do everything in its capacity to stop such constructions but also added that such illegalities can only stop completely when the stamp and registry department asks the buyers of flats for an NOC from Avas Vikas before doing registry of such flats (built on single unit plots). He said if the condition of NOC is added for registry of flats, such illegal business will come down substantially.

A few other officials also pointed out that the Avas Vikas carries out sealing drives to rein in  traders in Vasundhara who run shops from houses, but many such persons even after sealing have been able to continue due to lack of enforcement by the police for which the Avas Vikas cannot be held accountable.

Several times people have accused the Avas Vikas of going slow against illegal constructions and violations of building bylaws. Recently action was also taken against some engineers for alleged violations.

Notably, in Vasundhara—one of the flagship colonies of UP Avas Vikas—illegal flats have been built by mid-size builders who purchase single unit plots upon which just one house of 3 floors can be built. However these builders by circumventing the rules make several flats on these big-sized plots and sell them to gullible buyers. As there is no restriction on registry of such flats a builder’s task is cut out and he manages to befool several persons like this, when on the contrary such sale is illegal. Such illegal flats have been thriving in Sectors 1-10,11, 12, 13 etc.


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