DGP OP Singh was in Ghaziabad on September 29 where he had a ‘dialogue’ with police force regarding their dealing with the public. The DGP also explained his position on the events at Lucknow in which an Apple manager was allegedly shot dead by a constable on the night of September 28/29 while he was returning with a female colleague, on which the GDP said that this amounted to murder and that the concerned cops will be dismissed from service and punished for their deed.

In Ghaziabad the DGP interacted with around 400 mainly SI level rank officers and upwards where he listened to their problems as well as asked to give a patient hearing to victims of crime who approach police stations. He said that such victims ought to feel secure in police presence and the cops must ensure that.

He also said that in many districts videos and pictures of cops drinking and abusing have become viral and this practice has to stop. A presentation by Aseem Arun, IG ATS was also given on the occasion which dealt with ‘attitude of police towards the victims of crime’.

All senior police officers of Meerut Zone including Ghaziabad SSP and other police officials were present.


delhincrnews.in reporter


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