In a strange sequence of events Sihani Gate Police Station cops arrested one Dinesh who told the cops that he killed his alcoholic brother namely Nanhe, 35, by hitting him repeatedly all over his body with a stick after he killed their father. A report in this regard was filed by one Ravindra.

The information was shared by SSP Vaibhav Krishna. The accused Dinesh alias Virendra also told the cops and alleged that his father Murli, 60, had been killed by Nanhe by the same method—of hitting with sticks—when he tried to stop him from consuming alcohol. Dinesh said when he tried to intervene, Nanhe attacked him viciously with a stick thereby injuring him. In self defence Dinesh hit back again with a stick thereby killing Nanhe. The police today recovered Murli and Nanhe’s bodies from near ALT Intersection early in the morning, while Dinesh was found injured next to the both the deceased. reporter




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