Residents of Vasundhara, especially those living in and around Sector 16 that is located along the main road bisecting Vasundhara and extending up to Prahladgarhi Village point out that illegal encroachments in their area are due to the fact that people have opened up shops in their individual houses that is illegal. In fact, this is the bane of Vasundhara, that wherever there are single unit houses residents have started to run shops out of there that is illegal according to UP Avas Vikas rules. The Avas Vikas in fact has been not able to put a lid on such people who over the years have become bold due to lack of action against them and now have further extended their illegality by promoting illegal; vendors and kiosks outside their illegal house-cum-shops. These kiosks or vends are either run by these shopkeepers or they charge a rent for it. The administration has of late had tried to demarcate the area beyond which shops cannot be extended following which the Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) conducted its anti-encroachment drive. The NGT also had ordered the administration to free the drain running along Sector 16 main road to be free of ramps.

However, when these shops are illegal in the first place how come these are allowed to being run. A GNN official who did not wish to be named had earlier pointed out that it is the UP Avas Vikas that should take the first step to stop illegal shops from functioning out of houses and then only will GNN be in a position to curb encroachers and squatters fully.  

Whereas commercial complexes built by UP Avas Vikas all over Vasundhara catch dust shops illegally being run from houses are doing brisk business at the cost of environment, besides resulting in encroachments and traffic jams.

The UP Avas Vikas officials in Vasundhara upto this point of time had been excusing themselves by saying that they did not had the power to seal the premises and this power came from the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA). However, in a recent development it is learnt that Avas Vikas official have been granted the powers to seal premises that are being used in any other manner other than their intended use.

Executive Engineer of Division 27 in Vasundhara, Bhola Nath said that UP Avas Vikas will soon be taking action against the illegally running shops from houses in Sector 16 in near future. When asked whether such people will be sent notices as in the past he said that time of sending such notices was past and now focus is on to garner every possible resource including the police to take action against such people. reporter





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