An inter-district criminal accused of ATM fraud was rounded up by Sant Kabir Nagar cops with 6 ATM cards and a bike without a number plate on the evening of September 14. The accused Parvind alis Gabbar Yadav told the police that he and his associate one Keshav Yadav would on pretext of helping a hapless person at an ATM would note down his in and would later on hand him a similar looking card. Later they withdrew the money from these accounts. The accused were active in Sant Kabir Nagar, Gorakhpur and Ambedkar Nagar.
The accused had recently through this modus operandi withdrew Rs 12,700 from an Andhra Bank ATM at Gola Bazar, Rs 75,500 from an SBI ATM and Rs 46,000 from an Andhra Bank ATM in Gorakhpur. He was booked under relevant sections.
By Staff Reporter


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