After raising their voice again alleged illegal tree cutting in City Forest area by the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA)—where the trunks were callously cut without any thought to trees’ survival and a case getting lodged- the environmental activists claimed that the situation is graver than what was thought of before and alleged that around 1,000 trees were cut by the GDA. According to one green activist Akash Vashishtha, “There seems to be a big goof-up in tree cutting case as hundreds of trees were cut and lopped by the GDA in City Forest whereas Deputy Range Officer of Forest Department says only 98 trees were damaged.” He said that the matter has been raised before Chief Conservator of Forests and a complaint handed over to DFO.

The activists, notably apart from Vashishtha are Sushil Raghav, Pradeep Dahalia, Ruchin Mehra and Hazi Arif from Ghaziabad. A letter signed by them had been submitted to the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO), Ghaziabad. The letter states that after a reality check done by them they found that the GDA in last 2-3 days had cut, pruned and illegally caused damage to 1,000 trees, whereas the Forest Department had wrongly counted 98 trees that were damaged. The activist in their letter further urged the DFO to assess and unearth the truth behind the damage caused to the trees in their presence and take appropriate action, failing which they would take up the matter to National Green Tribunal (NGT) against the GDA as well as the Forest Department. reporter




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