With prices of petrol at Rs 78.68 in Delhi and diesel at Rs 70.42- a hike by Rs .21 a litre there is a sense of palpable panic in the minds of the public that is already reeling under food inflation. A diesel prices are directly linked with food prices—as it is the full on which the trucks run—the natural fallout this will have will be a further spike in vegetable and food prices. Already, veggie prices are rising in various mandis in NCR, thanks to erratic rainy season and with the festive season not far off the rise in diesel prices will have an adverse impact on the prices of food items, people fear.

Traders in Sahibabad Mandi of Ghaziabad–one of the largest in the area feared that this spike in prices will lead to inflation as already vegetables were in short supply due to  and floods in several parts of Uttar Pradesh and hilly states.


delhincrnews.in reporter



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