The home page of White Placard company—responsible for lighting up Ghaziabad city says ‘Chamkega India, Chamkegi Sadkein’ which roughly can be translated as ‘India will shine and so will roads’; however, none of this is happening at least in Ghaziabad city area that is bearing the brunt of an erstwhile agreement that has come a cropper.

Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) in the year 2017 had entered into an agreement with While Placard company to light up the streets of Ghaziabad and under the agreement the company was to install and take charge of maintenance of almost 50,000 streetlights after replacing the sodium ones with its own LED ones. The agreement that was signed in the presence of erstwhile Municipal Commissioner Abdul Samad and erstwhile BJP Mayor Ashu Verma stipulated that the private company would install and maintain the streetlights for at least 7 years without the GNN having to spend a penny. The agreement seemed a win-win situation for the Nagar Nigam. However, today most of the streetlights that have been installed by the company either are dysfunctional or not working properly, complain residents from across the city. It is also alleged that the LED streetlights are sub standard and emit lesser light than their sodium counterparts, an allegation that appears to be true. had previously spoken to a company representative who had said that due to non-payment of dues to the company by the GNN it was unable to further install  and repair streetlights. The company had also shrugged off the suggestion that the LED lights were of inferior quality and said that mostly 18 W LED streetlights were installed inside the colonies while the main road streetlights were of higher wattage. He had also said that the streetlights installed were as per the agreement but declined to send a copy of the agreement. However, when tried to contact the company today its numbers were not reachable or out of order.


Executive Engineer and Streetlight Incharge of GNN, Manoj Prabhat said that the GNN has been sending notices after notices to the company but there is no response from them on installation and supply of LED streetlights. He said that the GNN is in talks with UP Power Corporation Ltd to find some sort of solution and both departments were also in the process of carrying out a survey on streetlights. When asked if there is any move to find a new firm for streetlights he replied in the negative.

GNN councillor (Parshad) from Ward No 15, Kripal Singh said that he had been assured by the Nigam authorities that old taken-out lights will be supplied but even these were not handed over to him for installation in his ward. As streetlights demand continous repair and maintenance the problem could become bigger in the coming days if no solution is found soon.

A call made on Vasundhara Zone Light Inspector, Rajkishor’s mobile revealed that no new lights are being supplied and the person who picked up the phone appeared clueless.

The streetlight crisis has also threatened to become a law & order problem and if not tackled on time the ill-lit streets and dark alleys will give an opportunity to petty thieves and other criminals to thrive.


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