Three students of Mahindra Ecole Centrale (MEC) College of Engineering, Hyderabad, received a top salary package of Rs. 30 lakh per annum from two Japanese companies, Ground Inc. and Forum 8. In addition, Microsoft also picked up a Computer Science Engineering student.

The highest salary of Rs. 30 lakh per annum was offered by Ground Inc. to Gadi Reddy Karunakar and Annapureddy Ravinithesh Reddy from Computer Science and Engineering and Forum 8 offered the package of Rs 30 lakh per annum to Netten Dinesh Chowdary from Mechanical Engineering.

Ground Inc. is a Japan based IT Solutions and Consulting company for the Logistics sector. Forum 8 is a Japanese 3D software specialist focused on 3D VR simulation, Modeling and Engineering Software.

“We are very happy with the support that we have received from the global recruiters for the students of our maiden batch. We are sure that our students will prove to be valuable asset to whichever organization they join”, says Dr. Yajulu Medury, Director, Mahindra Ecole Centrale. reporter


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