Despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi warning them against their misadventure several people were injured at Midnapore where PM Narendra Modi’s rally was going on. This happened as the people had started to climb atop a canopied structure that came down- weak it had become, due to incessant rains since morning. The Prime Minister was seen asking the overzealous people not to climb the structure. The rally comprised mostly the farming community that turned up in large numbers to listen to the PM.

The Prime Minister was seen asking the SPG men in his security to go and attend the injured as soon as he saw them getting trapped under the structure.

The injured at least 20 in number had to be taken to the hospital. But what happened next was equally surprising. The hospital saw the PM’s cavalcade arriving there and within no time Modi was amid the injured assuring them that they would get well soon.

Earlier at the rally Modi tore into the opposition especially the TMC that Modi accused of being indifferent to the real problems of Bengal. He also said that West Bengal under the TMC was worse even than the Left rule.

Photo: Twitter




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