Three notorious robbers were apprehended by Noida Police from near Pig Market near Sector 9, Noida with 3.3 kgs of Gaanja.

The Sec 20 Thana police recovered 2 looted mobile phones of Samsung from Waseem alongwith 1.1 kgs of Gaanja. Accused Mohammad Aftab was carrying 1.5 kgs of Gaanja and 2 Micromax mobile sete were recovered from him. In a similar vein, cops recovered 1.1150 kgs of Gaanja and 2 looted mobiles of Lava & Intex from 3rd accused Aman Balmiki.

The accused revealed that they used to smuggle in Gaanja from Delhi and sold it in Noida. They also indulged in looting mobile from wayfarers. Further investigations are on. reporter


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