In a meeting of Flat Owners Federation Ghaziabad held recently at KDP Grand Sawana, Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad, the point of multiple power connections in high-rise societies was deliberated upon thread bare. Atul Tyagi President of Gaur Homes AOA, brought out that the rate per unit prevailing in different multistory societies of Ghaziabad ranges from Rs 13 per unit to Rs 24 per unit. This was informed through a press statement of the federation.

The President of the Flat Owners Federation Ghaziabad Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi said that the Competent Authority in terms of UP Apartment Act 2010, the Vice Chairman of GDA, ought to have ruled without any reservation that rate per unit of electricity consumption will be uniform or at least uniform zone wise. It was not done. And, hence the builders and the flat owners associations maintaining the societies kept on revising per unit rate of electricity consumption, more often than NOT, arbitrarily and with ulterior motives. The flat owners represented the issue in a public grievance redressal meeting of UP Power Corporation which in turn agreed for multiple power connections without going in to repercussions.

The press statement further said that the problem could have been nipped in the bud if VC, GDA had prevailed right in beginning on Builders to charge only uniform and reasonable rate for every unit of electricity supplied through single point connection. If we now resort to multiple connections, it will open out a Pandora Box of problems ranging from security concerns, movement of meter readers ,inspections by different govt officials of the electricity departments, taking connection from the neighboring Flat without immediate detection, additional infrastructure and so on and so forth.

The President of the AOA Federation, Raj Nagar Extension, Raj Kumar brought out that even today there are a great number of Flat Owners who resist to pay maintenance charges and some of them just do not pay the maintenance charges under the pretext of DADAGIRI. The only handle available to the maintenance agency is the electric supply owing to which the flat owners pay their dues.

Though there are a few advantages in giving electric supply through multiple connections but disadvantages clearly out weigh. It will amount to spiraling of confusion already originated by the UP Apartment act- opined the entire house of Flat Owners Federation Ghaziabad.


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