India’s Telecom Commission has given the nod for perhaps one of the most forward looking policies on using the internet when it approved net neutrality as recommended by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI. Under this policy to be implemented immediately there would be no discrimination with regard to positioning of content or interference including blocking, degrading, slowing down speeds or vice versa or biased treatments to any content.

The TRAI’s recommendations however will not apply to certain services that are deemed as critical especially in the field of telemedicine.

This effectively means a level-playing field for smaller website owners, especially news websites that do not have the power of money to muscle through the top of the rankings.

The move has been welcomed by the supporters of net neutrality however Telcos might be apprehensive about the move.

The Telecom Commission also cleared the National Digital Communications Policy 2018 that aims to create infrastructure that would give speeds of about 50 Mbps and will create 40 lakh jobs by 2022 with an investment of about $ 100 billion. reporter


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