There is more to human trafficking ring that was busted by a team of Howrah Police from West Bengal aided by Ghaziabad Police. It has come out that a local person, a resident of Nand Gram, Bharti Sharma (house registered in her name) has kept the 2 rescued girls in this house and was forcing them into prostitution, as per further information shared by the Ghaziabad Police.

The Ghaziabad Police comprising Alpha Team and Sihani Gate cops raided this house that led to the accused Devendra, Mukesh, and Waseem, all Meerut residents, trying to escape; however they were cornered by the cops and arrested while the police rescued both the girls.

One of the victims disclosed that she was lured by one Shareeful on pretext of marriage after which she was brought by him to Ghaziabad at Bharti Sharma’s house at Nand Gram where she stayed for 2 days. The victim said she was sold off for Rs 3,000 to one woman namely Sonia, who took her to Meerut and kept her at a house in Jagriti Vihar where the victim was pushed into prostitution against her will. Thereafter, she was brought back again to Bharti Sharma’s house in Nand Gram.

Three accused who had come with the West Bengal Police team are Ajmeri, Babloo Mulla and Shareeful while Bharti Sharma along with other 6 accused namely Sonia, Sanju, Ruchi, Devendra, Mukesh and Waseem was rounded up in the joint operation. reporter


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