A peculiar situation has arose for residents of several housing societies built by Avas Vikas in Vasundhara Sector 17. Although Avas Vikas has handed over the maintenance work related to Vasundhara colony the residents are in a fix as the parks inside several blocks of Sector 17 are in urgent need of maintenance but the Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) says that these have not been handed over to them for maintenance.

A resident who did not wish to be named said that the initial inhabitants of Vasundhara on their own volition developed several patches that were left deserted by Avas Vikas, into green belts and this might be the reason that the Nigam is refusing them to acknowledge them as their parks. However all other parks, even if they are inside the developed Avas Vikas societies should be maintained by the Nigam.

A peculiar situation came up a few days back when residents of D 100 Block had requested for a submersible pump so that few parks of the vicinity could be irrigated. However, the Nigam official incharge of the region refused to do so citing this ‘technical’ difficulty of the parks not being on their list.

Residents of Blocks A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H of Sector 17 (that was developed by Avas Vikas) are dependent on the Nigam for maintenance of parks and their proper irrigation, but as the parks are not listed this has proven to be a big setback for residents of the area, who are trying to make the area green with their own efforts.

Lack of monitoring by Nigam due to this reason has also led to encroachments on these parks and concretisation beyond permissible limits by several RWAs.

Although the Nigam is making full-scale efforts to make the city clean, it would also be better if it also makes as much effort in making the city green, several residents said. And for this it should stand up for proper watering of these parks in at least those societies that have been handed over to it, all over trans-Hindon.

The Avas Vikas Estate Manager at Vasundhara was not reachable on his phone at the time of publishing this report.



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