Delhi Govt has cancelled the earlier granted permission for felling of trees in the south Delhi localities of Kidwai Nagar, Nauroji Nagar and Netaji Nagar and sent the recommendation to the LG citing breach of terms. This was done by Delhi’s Environment Minister, Imran Hussein, However, this has come about after many of these trees have already been felled said sources.

The minister said that a total of 5,600 trees were to be cut as per the permission granted earlier however for Kidwai Nagar the permission was granted by the earlier government, the minister said. He said that 3,300 trees have been cut and it came to light that the agency cutting the trees was violating rules by not planting 10 new saplings for on tree. The agency also did not hand over the land to Forest Department. This led to the cancellation of permission by the government that has been forwarded to the LG. The Delhi Govt. has also recommended strict action against the tree felling agency.





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