Many RWAs in trans-Hindon areas are violating the norms set by National Green Tribunal (NGT) where in an order it had stipulated that parks cannot have concretization exceeding 5%. This means that no park looked after by GDA and Municipal Corporation or Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) can have concrete structures built- that is more than 5% of area of the total area of the park.

Organising functions in parks is illegal pointed out Sushil Raghav, green activist

However, these norms are being flouted by housing societies such as those built by UP Avas Vikas. In a random checking drive it has come to the notice of authorities that with regard to Sector 17 D & E popularly known as Konark Enclave, in parks named as 17 D Central Park and 17 E Central Park concretisation has been done in excess of the limit under the full knowledge of the RWA. Not only this, another structure in shape of hutment stands on each of the parks. This kind of concretization is totally illegal but the RWA members are not paying any heed to it.

Nagar Nigam sources said that concrete structures beyond 5% limits are illegal and the GNN will take action against it. They also said that there cannot be any other activity going on in parks such as marriage or birthday function or any events. However, many parks in Vasundhara and Vaishali are hosting such functions.

Such concretization can be found in other parks in the vicinity that are maintained by the GNN, where people have built badminton courts and other concrete structures.

According to Akash Vashishtha, a green activist, who had filed the petition against concretization of city parks, such activity is totally illegal and the RWA is responsible for seeing that the violation of NGT order does not occur. He added that the GNN should immediately take action against such illegality.

However, as the monitoring of concretization is tough considering that hundreds of parks are spread across Ghaziabad city area, the concerned resident welfare association (RWA) is responsible for their upkeep. But this is not happening.

Not only the existence of concrete structures, but the parks are also being used for various functions and events from time to time that further jeopardizes the health of these parks. Green activist Sushil Raghav said that any function, be it a marriage function, birthday party or any other event cannot be organised in parks that come under the jurisdiction of public bodies. He pointed out that it is the duty of the RWAs to see that such illegalities do not happen. Sushil Raghav is a well-known NGT activist who had earlier petitioned NGT against illegal marriage homes and currently the GDA has been taking action against them.

One GNN official also pointed out that many parks of Konark Enclave in Sector 17 Vasundhara are not in records of the Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN). This was found out when some residents of the D 100 Block put up an application before the GNN the install a submersible pump. reporter




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