Rampant mining in Yamuna is going on in village Pachayara of Loni while the administration, environmental authorities and UPPCB are all indifferent to these happenings, These allegations have been made by Sushil Raghav, green activist who said that although the mining is being done in this stretch of 3 kms of river bed at Loni despite environmental clearance having been taken, the licensee is flouting all norms and is carrying on mining in violation of the given permission.

Raghav states that first of all the minor (the lessee) cannot carry out mining activity in night but this is happening. He also alleged that machines such as poclain and other are being blatantly used whereas the license conditions do not allow for that.

The green activist further alleged that the mining permission is given for mining in the river bed and not the river stream as the lessee is doing.

Now Raghav has filed a complaint against this illegal activity. He said that villagers were afraid of these mining barons and do not complain in most of the cases despite such activity playing havoc with the fragile ecology of the place.


delhincrnews.in reporter



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