Kavi Nagar cops of Ghaziabad led by SHO Pradeep Kumar Tripathi rounded up 8 thieves including 3 scrap dealers, 3 thieves (including a truck driver and 2 helpers) as well as 2 other truck drivers—all of whom were found guilty of shortchanging a trader by unloading lesser quality of consignment that was to be unloaded at the given destination—in this case AIIMS Delhi. The 8 member gang was doing it in a planned manner since a long time. This was revealed today by SSP Ghaziabad Vaibhav Krishna and SP City Akash Tomar.

In a case that was registered at Kavi Nagar Police Station on June 15 by one Vijay Agarwal of Loha Mandi it was stated that a truck driver Pushpraj Patel and 2 helpers namely Shiva and Sooraj had started with a consignment on June 2 from Loha Mandi in truck no. UP14 BT- 0329 that was to be delivered at AIIMS, but only 10.50 tonnes of consignment out of total 12 tonnes transported was unloaded at the destination, it was informed by AIIMS administration to the complainant on June 14.

After the case was registered, a police team today after a tip-off arrested the truck driver and 2 helpers at whose instance the police recovered the stolen quantity of 1.5 tonnes from scrap dealers Noor Mohammad & Kamruddin’s godown from truck no UP14BT-7198 and from one of the truck drivers Rakesh and scrap dealer Kishor’s godown from truck no UP14FT-7474  alongwith the arrest of the other truck driver, namely Jaiprakash. The total consignment recovered was 6 channels, one iron plate and scrap in both the trucks.

Both scrap dealers Noor Mohammad & Kamruddin admitted to conniving with these drivers and helpers and siphoning off the consignment en route to its destination. The consignment and the accused were booked under sec 207 of MV Act.


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