Although the administration and the local authorities are running around, making deft field visits and routine checking drives, it has made no difference to thriving encroachments and violation of public spaces in Vasundhara colony of Ghaziabad that comes under UP Avas Vikas jurisdiction.

A visit to Vasundhara Sector 16, especially in the evenings will amply prove this. This is the time when this illegal shop owners and vendors thrive the most. To add fuel to fire, a small section of public arrives at this spot (Sector 16) and parks the vehicles on the roads thereby eating up half the road space in the evening. Nobody knows who and when will someone come to redeem the denizens of Vasundhara from these Thugs.

These eateries running illegally from housing units in vasundhara Sector 16 eat up all space meant for public. The crowd also park their vehicles haphazardly resulting in traffic bottlenecks

Many residents allege that the Avas Vikas officials do not seem to care about what is happening in Vasundhara. And this is when the Avas Vikas office is hardly half a kilometer from Sector 16 main road, where these shameless shopkeepers are flouting all bylaws. The residents also said that other authorities including district administration, Nagar Nigam and police are also not serious about acting against encroachers who squat everyday on the main road without any fear.

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The problems in Vasundhara like in other colonies of Ghaziabad are two-fold: Firstly, the people have been complaining about the running of shops from houses that puts unnecessary burden on infrastructure. The second is encroachments in the evenings done by hawkers and vendors that spread onto the road.

Besides, traffic jams, illegal parking and an ever rising pollution is making their lives difficult. Several people of Sector 16 in Vasundhara have said that despite making numerous complaints to Avas Vikas officials no action has been taken against the big fish—who are running the shops from housing units along the main road in Sector 16 and others sectors and which are the main cause of pandemonium that exists. These shops range from grocery ones, utensils, electric goods, eateries and so on. has previously spoken to Executive Engineer, Superintending Engineer as well as Joint Housing Commissioner of Avas Vikas. Each one of them had promised action against the illegal commercial activity but have failed to take decisive action so far.


This despite the fact that 3 engineers of Avas Vikas in Vasundhara had been recently transferred for not being able to take action against illegal constructions in several odd sectors wherein private developers have duped several people of lakhs by selling them illegal property. A probe had also been initiated against them.


Many of these officials seem to be more worried about the fate of these illegal commercial shops and vendors rather than people it seems. In Sector 15, many commercial establishments have extended their premises to eat up the pavement & road space but the Avas Vikas is again indifferent to the issue. The green belt opposite these shops has been taken over by illegal vendors and hawkers.


The public points out that when prima facie these traders are violating the building bylaws why the Avas Vikas officials, including their “engineering wing” not taking action is beyond comprehension. Several of them are now saying that they will take a representation to the Meerut Commissioner and the CM not just to stop wrongful commercial activity but also to demand action against erring officials. reporter











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