Ghaziabad: “Detailed action plan to control crime in the works,” IPS Ravi Kumar

Circle Officer, Indirapuram says that the police is in the process of identifying spots and locations vulnerable to crime and soon positive results will follow


Policing in several areas of trans-Hindon is a tough job considering the floating nature of population and high public mobility. Such population also comprises criminal elements who can easily escape to Noida or Delhi. In addition, the existence of Metro stations of Kaushambi and especially Vaishali that ever remain busy with thousands of people travelling to and fro makes crime prevention a challenging job.

There have been recent incidents of crime in trans-Hindon where criminals have waylaid Metro commuters who had arrived late in night and even commuters who have been travelling late due to their work. The recent incident of a software engineer who was kidnapped from Raj Nagar Extension as soon as he alighted there at 12 in night is a grim reminder that the city remains vulnerable at night-time when criminals mostly strike committing crimes of a more serious nature.

Staff of police vehicles such as PRVs, bikes etc are being directed to be extra vigilant to stop any untoward happening at public places

Now the police is attempting to collate all crime data and to increase vigilance in crime prone areas and stretches. This was revealed by ASP/Circle Officer, Indirapuram, Ravi Kumar in an informal chat with

Kumar who recently took charge as CO Indirapuram said that he is on the job for identifying areas that could be more vulnerable to crime, especially during night. He said that despite the scarcity of staff all efforts are being made to enhance patrolling in the night in sensitive areas, especially with regard to safety of women commuters.

The officer remarked that the job of keeping track of the movement of criminals who have been active in the area is in progress. “We are looking at aspects such as when the criminals was arrested, chargesheeted and jailed and when he came out on bail. This will help us to map his movements and thus help in prevention of crime,” Kumar said.

He also pointed out that “the focus of the police will be on ‘aggressive patrolling’ as well as crime prevention by deploying decoy staff at vantage points such as Metro stations and other public places. Feedback from commuters and public will also be taken.” He said that policemen and women in plain clothes could help in crime prevention and control to a great extent.

Kumar also averred that staff in police vehicles such as PRVs, bikes etc would be asked to be extra vigil to stop any untoward happening at public places. All possible escape routes for criminals are already being put under surveillance, he said.

“Right now we are in the process of identifying all possible spots, stretches and locations that are sensitive from the view point of crime and once this is over very soon we will see positive results,” he said.

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