V. Lakshmi, 56, a resident of Visakhapatnam town of Andhra Pradesh, is a housewife whose husband S. Jagannath is working as a clerk in the Northern Railway Allahabad where more than 6 doctors he consulted advised surgery for her wife, he said.

Patient Lakshmi had a lot of problem for 3 years, in which she suffered the worst for the last one and a half years, and it was very very painful even going to the washroom for her. Lakshmi had been unable to perform her daily routine and day-to-day activities for the last few years, for this, she also got treatment in many hospitals in Delhi but could not get rid of the problem of her waist.

Being on panel of North eastern Railway for her medical treatment, she was transferred to Yashoda Hospital and she came to know about  Dr. Vipin Tyagi senior orthopedic surgeon at Yashoda Hospital and Research Center, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad. She consulted Dr Vipin Tyagi who conducted all investigations.

It was revealed that the vertebra in her backbone was mounted on each other and there was a lot of pressure on the veins of the spine, besides she suffered from lack of hemoglobin. Her family was well explained about the disease and it was also told that it would be treated with new technique, Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery through laparoscopy.

Dr Tyagi said it was a bloodless surgery as after the operation of Lakshmi no blood has been administered on the patient.  Dr Tyagi said that this kind of operation was done earlier with open method, in which patient had to lie on the bed for 2 weeks. Dr. Vipin Tyagi says that in Ghaziabad this is the first operation of this kind. The doctors’ team included Dr. Vipin Tyagi, Dr. Rahul Kakran, Dr. M.K. Garg, Dr. Vikas, Dr. Junja who carried out this complex operation. After the operation, the next day, Lakshmi was seated and she was also allowed to move around in the ward.

Lakshmi felt that she had got a second life after so many years, without any pain. Dr. Vipin Tyagi said that this method can be beneficial for many patients, although it is also very difficult and it can be achieved only after hard work and rigorous practice by a surgeon for many years, it has many benefits, such as the pain is very low in the patient, as the patient is suffering from pain, there is no need of blood during operation, the patient is released the next day, the hospital stay is also for a very short period of 2 to 3 days,  Dr Tyagi said that this disease occurs in many patients but if it is not properly treated, it can take a terrible appearance.



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