It seems that IPL betting is the flavour of the season for offenders, be it Delhi or NCR cities. The Sihani Gate cops busted an IPL betting ring by rounding up 10 persons on the night of May 20, it was revealed by SP City, Akash Tomar today. Rs 1.60 lakh in cash, 10 diaries with betting slips, 7 mobile packs, illegal firearm and other related items were seized by the cops. Most of the accused are from Sihani Gate area in Ghaziabad. They are Ankit, Anuj, Rajdeep, Rahul Tyagi, Dharmendra alias Ashu, Sanjay Singh alias Rahul, Vivek Verma, Tishu Tyagi, Vipin Tyagi and Ravi.

The accused have been booked under Gambling Act and IT Act.

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