Scores of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam personnel including officials, employees and councilors alongwith Mayor Asha Sharma and Municipal Commissioner, Chandra Prakash Singh pitched in today to lend a hand in cleaning of Hindon river. The programme started at around 7.30 am which the Mayor declared open by cutting a ribbon.

As Municipal Commissioner Chandra Prakash Singh entered the river water to clean up the thick growth of Jal Kumbhi, a number of employees and councillors followed him into the river to lend a helping hand

All officials including the councilors took a boat ride in the river as they attempted to remove the thick growth of Jal Kumbhi that had accumulated on the surface of water. Municipal Commissioner himself entered the water and started pulling out the Jal Kumbhi. On seeing him in action, staff of Nagar Nigam and councilors also followed in his footsteps.

All of them removed a considerable quantity of Jal Kumbhi from the surface of the Hindon. Later on this was loaded on tractor trolleys. The whole exercise went on for 2 hours at least. Thereafter, JCB machines were deployed for removing the weeds from Railway crossing up to Hindon bridge. reporter


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