A team of Gau Sewa Ayog led by its Chairman, Rajeev Kumar Gupta met DM Ritu Maheshwari and other officials in a meeting on May 14 at the district headquarters where he stressed upon the need for developing grazing centres for cows. He also asked the officials to remove any encroachment that exists on the cattle shelter land.

Gau Sewa Ayog head said that steps should be taken to make products out of Gomutra (cow urine) and Gobar (cow dung) from which various compost, soaps, medicines and other products could be made.  Through this these Gaushalas would be able to self-finance themselves. The Ayog said that areas surrounding the Gaushalas should be made green and organic farming should be practiced in these areas.

DM Maheshwari assured Gupta that department such as Ghaziabad Development Authority, horticulture and others will be asked to use manure made from Gobar and Gomutra. Gupta also said that those cattle owners who let them out on the roads will be fined from now on.

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