Ghaziabad Police recently undertook a major drive called ‘Operation Pratibandh’ from May 9-11 to keep an eye on criminals from who went to jail (from time period of Jan. 2015 upto April 30, 2018) and are out on bail now. Under the drive the police had tasked itself to prepare dossiers of repeat offenders and criminals who have been in and out of jail for various offences. Under this, the police is tracking criminals who have been let out with an eye on their movements as well as to see where they stand socially or what the public thinks about the. The drive is also said to be fruitful to find out whether these criminals are trying to reform or they again want to go back to the world of crime. Besides, whether these criminals are in any way trying to intimidate someone or trying to influence outcome of a case by threatening witnesses etc is also being tracked by the police.

So far the Ghaziabad Police is tracking movement of 564 criminals from Ghaziabad while 333 criminals from other districts, namely Shamli, Baghpat, Meerut, Muzzafarnagar, Noida and Hapur who come here to commit crimes are also being tracked. This makes it a total of 897 criminals who are under the police radar. Out of these around dossiers of 675 criminals have been prepared, which contains information about the physical characteristics, age, address, modus operandi, gang they belong to among others. The police is also talking to their neighbours to know more about their dealings.

In 90 cases the police is still unable to find out the whereabouts of the criminals as their addresses have not been verified. Ghaziabad Police through a statement has said that it will make all efforts to trace these missing offenders. Around 80 criminals were again found to be in jail while 12 had reportedly died.

In this drive 45 criminals were identified whose file will be opened again, said the police, as these offenders are suspected of again being involved in crime. Such criminals could have secured bail and might be involved in petty crimes such as snatchings.

The police sources said that around 28 teams were deployed to track criminals in the district while 17 teams were deployed for keeping track on criminals from outside the district. reporter


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