Meerut Divisional Commissioner, Dr Prabhat Kumar has asked officials to clean up the River Hindon—an important lifeline for West UP districts. He stressed upon the need for intensive afforestation along its banks. Kumar was holding a meeting with top district officials at the district headquarters.

Kumar asked the officials to convert Jal Kumbhi—a plant native to the river—into manure. The heads of all villages (Gram Pradhans) near which the Hindon passes through should be asked to start this work in their areas first, Kumar said and added that the villagers of these villages should be encouraged to plant trees along the Hindon. He also asked the officials that if a farmer wants to give up his land near Hindon for plantation he should be given another patch or parcel of land in lieu of the land he has forgone.

DM Ritu Maheshwari apprised the Divisional Commissioner about the steps taken for rejuvenating Hindon. She said that 14 polluting units that were releasing effluents into the Hindon have been shut down. In Loni around 300 such polluting units have been shut down. Maheshwari also pointed out that a plan to plant around more than 2 lakh trees is in the offing that will be planted by GDA, GNN and Forest department.

Prabhat Kumar instructed officials to plant trees in two rows around ponds. He said the ‘more the trees the lesser will be pollution’. He also stressed upon the need for organic farming along villages along Hindon banks.

CDO Ramesh Ranjan, Municipal Commissioner, CP Singh, ADM (Admin) Gyanendra Singh and other district officials were present in the meeting. reporter






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