PCR Vans are the first responders to calls/information received regarding distress or emergency and termed as backbone of Delhi Police. The services of PCR Vans are available for citizens of Delhi for 24x7x365. Being first responder, reaching time of PCR Van at the place of incident is of great importance, which certainly needs well trained drivers for PCR Vans.

In order to improve driving skills of the drivers posted in PCR Unit, a driving simulator is installed in MT/PCR, P&L Delhi. Drivers of PCR unit are being given a “Free Run” training on driving simulator. The drivers of PCR Unit, visiting MT Section/PCR for routine repairing of PCR Vehicles, are given training on driving simulator during the time their vehicles are under repair at MT Section.

In order to assess and reinforce the knowledge of the drivers, a computer based test has been designed including knowledge of traffic signals, rules relating to MV driving, Mechanism of vehicles and general awareness about traffic sense. The test is so designed that if any driver lags behind in the test, he has to appear another session of training at driving simulator for further improvement. After the second round of training, the trainee is put on the test again. The training continues till the trainee gives correct answers of all questions displayed on the computer screen. The simulator training and testing will improve driving skills of the drivers deployed on PCR Vans, improving services of Delhi Police for the callers in distress.

 -delhincrnews.in reporter                                              



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