Once again, today at around 5.30 in the morning, Municipal Commissioner of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN), Chandra Prakash Singh was on a visit to various public place and colonies of City, Mohan Nagar and Vasundhara zones, wherein he examined the cleanliness and sanitation measures being implemented in various public and community toilets in these areas under ODF.

Yesterday also the Municipal Commissioner had visited several areas across the city and had pulled up officials and employees for negligence in duty. He had also asked them to take corrective measures wherever necessary in proper implementation of Open Defecation Free (ODF) scheme.

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Today, Singh first visited a public toilet built on BOT under the Bridge at Railway Station. This ‘convenience’ became functional only at 6 am whereas it was supposed to start at 4 am. Upon this the Municipal Commissioner pulled up the GNN’s area sanitation supervisor and asked him to- maintain cleanliness as well as see that timings are adhered to.

At Noor Nagar Sihani Garage area under City Zone, amenities of water, light, hygiene were found to be satisfactory. It was found that the road from Meerut Road to Noor Nagar Sihani was littered. Singh instructed the area sanitation inspector to get the stretch cleaned up.

The Municipal Commissioner then went on to visit the Mohan Nagar zone by passing through Karheda Bridge, where at the OD point at Gagan Vihar and Kuti the mobile toilets was found to be in a pathetic state and the JE, water works was asked to get it repaired at the earliest. He also verified through people, whether or not 2 mobile toilets that were supposed to be functional at Kuti area were functional.

Finally, at Vasundhara Zone’s Rampuri, Surya Nagar, Chandra Nagar and Brij Vihar areas Singh as furious to note the uncleanliness surrounding these areas and instructed the sanitation staff to get these areas cleaned routinely and to give the feedback through the sanitary inspector.

Condition of a community public toilet near Surya Nagar Police post was found to be bad and the sanitary inspector, Yogendra Yadav was asked to take corrective measures as soon as possible.

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