Municipal Commissioner, CP Singh in a letter dated April 6 to the District Magistrate (DM)- where he refers to a previous letter of March 13, had informed about existing encroachments on a piece of land at Village Sihani, Khasra No 31, measuring 3.0350 ha, belonging to the Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) (Gram Samaj land) on which construction with tin sheds had been done.

In the letter written by Property Incharge of GNN and sent by Municipal Commissioner the DM had been further apprised that the said piece of land is meant for training of GNN personnel, however about 800 sq metres of this land had been encroached upon.

The letter from GNN further laments that it had been requested on March 26 to depute a magistrate and police force to get rid of encroachments on April 3, however this drive could not be initiated.

Therefore, the letter of April 6 states that “sufficient police force be provided to the GNN team to get rid of encroachments by deputing adequate police force (including women constables) on April 16 (today) to remove encroachments on the said piece of land.”

A Nagar Nigam official informed that today the drive was conducted and the land freed from all encumbrances. reporter



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