With the arrest of four desperate highway robbers namely Rahul Kumar of Bhalswa Dairy, Samaypur Badli, Delhi, 24, Birender Pratap of Haiderpur, Delhi, 25, Kamlesh Kumar of Haiderpur, Delhi, 28 and Tinku of Haiderpur, Delhi, 20, the staff of Police Station Vasant Kunj North, New Delhi has solved around 36 cases of highway robberies registered in various police stations and made huge recoveries of looted articles from their possession.

On April 2 one complainant who is a resident of New Delhi reported that he boarded a white coloured Wagon R car at about 2.30 am from National Highway, Mahipalpur, Delhi for Nehru Place, Delhi as passenger. Four persons were already in car including driver. On the way the persons in car asked him to give whatever he had. When he resisted, all the persons in car beat him and caused him injury with knives and robbed his mobile phone and purse containing Rs. 1,000 and then threw him at ridge road, near Dhaula Kuan, Delhi. In this regard, a case was registered at Police Station, Vasant Kunj, North, New Delhi.

On the intervening night of April 7-8, another incident of highway robbery was also reported wherein an employee of ITC hotel who took lift in a cab from NH 8 Mahipalpur was also looted of his mobile phone, wrist watch and cash etc after beating him and was thrown near Dhaula Kuan. In this regard, a case was again registered at Vasant Kunj North Thana. Apart from this seven other incident of highway robbery were reported on NH 8 near Dhaula Kuan where victims were robbed in similar manner and cases were registered at PS Delhi Cantt. Also many cases of robbery with similar modus operandi were reported at Kapashera, Vasant Kunj South, Airport and Dwarka Etc.

A dedicated team of police station staff consisting of Inspectors Gagan Bhaskar, SHO/Vasant Kunj North, Rajesh Kumar, Investigation, Rajesh Maurya, ATO/VKN and SIs Kuldeep Singh, Manish Yadav, Manish Meena, Shubhendu Sharma, ASI Subhash Tiwari, HC Vikas Kumar, HC Subhash, constables Karambir, Gaurav, Parmod, Ranjan, Kuldeep, Askaran and others under ACP/Vasant Kunj, KP Kukrety worked relentlessly to solve the cases.

On April 14, SI Kuldeep Singh received a specific information regarding the culprits of above robbery case that the culprits would visit near Max Hospital, Haider Pur to meet some person for disposal of the looted mobile phones and other items. The raiding party laid a trap near Max Hospital, Haider Pur, Delhi.  At about 7:15 pm on a tip-off, three youths were apprehended and a bag containing mobile phones was recovered from their possession. All of them confessed their involvement in Highway robberies at Mahipalpur, Kapashera, Delhi Cantt and Dhaula Kuan, NH 8, ring road and Dwarka Expressway area. Further interrogation led to arrest of one more accused namely Rahul Kumar R/o Bhalswa Dairy, Samaypur Badli, Delhi aged 24 years, who used to drive the cars.

During sustained interrogation they confessed their involvement in the series of Highway robberies at Mahipalpur, Kapashera, Delhi Cantt and Dhaula Kuan, NH 8, Ring road Dwarka Expressway. They used to drive cabs on various routes of Delhi Gurgaon and specially Gurgaon to Dhaula Kuan. During their travelling, they found a number of commuters at NH 8 waiting for vehicles at Kapashera, Mahipalpur Chowk Dhaula Kuan, among other areas. They observed that due to non availability of sufficient public transport during night time, commuters took lifts in shared cabs to save some money. Being alone at night, they found them as a weak target for robbery hence they formed a gang and from several months started looting commuters.

The accused used to assemble at Haidarpur at around 9 pm. One of the accused would bring vehicle and all of them switch off their mobile phone and reach NH 8. They used to pick their target who was waiting alone at Kapashera Border, Mahipalpur or at Dhaula Kuan. They would give lift to the victim agreeing to drop him at his destination. They would make their victim sit between the two of the accused on the rear seat and after reaching near any dark patch they forcibly looted the victim by showing and injuring with knife. After looting the victim, they used to throw him at some dark stretches.


38 mobile phones; 7 purses; a gold ring; 8 ATM cards; 5 metro cards; 5 wrist watches; one passport; two knives used in crime; 3 cars used in crime a Wagon R, Eon and Indigo; and, Rs 14,000 cash.


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